Introduction to Computer Science

CSCI 170-01 (Goldweber)

Spring 2011 Semester

The course syllabus.

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The reading assignments.

Definitions etc.

Two of the key ideas in this course is the notion of abstraction and the concept of an algorithm.

Other important definitions.

Here is a list of the algorithmic patterns and specific algorithms carefully studied during the semester.

A suggested guide to expressing one's algorithms in Python.

In addition to studying algorithms, we have also focused on computational complexity. Here are some links that help one understand this important concept

Webopedia - An useful encyclopedia of computer (science) terminology.

The Spring 2011 XU Karel Contest:

As an extra credit opportunity consider participating in the Spring 2011 XU Monty-Karel Programming Contest. The contest deadline is Tuesday, April 26, 2011.

Homework Assignments:

Extra Credit Opportunities:

Software Environments