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How it started . . .

No, not how riot grrrl started, but how I became involved. The first time I heard about riot grrrl was as a sophmore in high school. My english teacher, a woman who was regarded as a bitch and seemed to pick on the guys more than the gals, had a copy of the Newsweek article on her corkboard. I don't remember exactly what happened but she showed it to me thinking I'd have an interest in it after some discussion we had. It looked really neat so I kept my eyes peeled. I had no idea how to contact anyone like that. A while later I noticed an announcement in the kids (kids?!) section of the Chicago Tribune, of all places, for riot grrrl Chicago. Around the same time there was an article in the Chicago Tribune on riot grrrls in general. So I wrote to them and got a lot of info. I don't think the group lasted long, but I did recieve one really cool letter from them in which they'd gotten a hold of a bunch of tribune envelopes that were pre-paid and sent out their fliers with them. Here's the information riot grrrl Chicago sent (it's also available through the Fliers/Zines section of this site):

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A few years ago I started looking for riot grrrl infomation online when I gained access to a computer. I didn't find very much. So I've decided to at least make what I have available. More recently though, I've noticed more and more riot grrrl sites. Not just sites on the bands that share and/or support the aim of the collective.